Time 2 Care (South West) Ltd  
 Unit 10 Caddsdown Industrial Estate 
 Caddsdown Business Centre 
 EX39 3DX  
 Tel no: 01237 424005  


Personal care - is offered 7 days a week to include morning, lunch, tea, bed visits and weekends and is catered around your needs. 

Social visits and enabling – Are you interested in going out for a couple of hours? If so we provide an enabling service facilitated by a Carer of your choice. Do you fancy going to your favourite coffee shop? Or visiting a Garden centre or going for a drive to visit your favourite place. The option is your to choose. All our Carers are experienced drivers and fully insured to take you wherever you want. 

Shopping Trips – Do you someone to assist and help you with your shopping? Our Carers can drive you to a supermarket to help you with your shopping trolley. We are also happy to help you pack away your shopping on your return home. 

Domestic Duties – Do you find it difficult to keep up with the chores in your home? Our  Carers can offer you the time to clean around your home an to keep on top f the jobs you find a challenge.